Thursday, 19 January 2017

bitterness hinders growth

*wipes dust off of this blog*

hello!! My first post of 2017! Yay??!! I hope everyone has had a peaceful rest and that 2017 is treating ya well. I don't know where these surges of nostalgia keep coming from, but I always have this desire to revisit the past. Is that even a good thing? But anyways, my first post of 2016 was quite strange. I was clearly feeling a weird and funny way, hence the title 'adrift in waters unknown'. But I can confirm that a whole entire year has made a difference and I no longer feel unsure in unknown territory. woop. 

In my previous post, I posted my vision board for 2017. One of the things I included in my vision was the phrase: 

This is something I want to work on throughout 2k17. Being 'bitter' comes in many forms for me: Being sarcastic, blunt, complaining about things that can easily be changed, being petty for no reason, holding unnecessary grudges, etc. 

Now don't get me wrong, if you're a human, then feelings and actions such as these are inevitable and can't be abstained from completely. Besides it's fun lol. Kidding. The thing about bitterness is that it's actually easier to dredge up; sometimes it takes guts to be gentle and kind. But it doesn't mean that small changes to your everyday behaviour can't make a difference. 

I mean, if you know me, then you will know that I can be sarcastic, I can complain a lot, and if I'm in a bad mood I can and will be blunt to someone. (really selling myself here innit.) But I'm just trying to be honest!! I feel like bitter feelings can cause a person to try and disguise and excuse the fact that they're being bitter; to make the bitter aftermath less, well, bitter. 

How can you change stuff like this? Smile more? Say yes to everything? Who knows? For me, the best way to win the battle with bitter emotions is to constantly imagine yourself in a situation and ask yourself whether you would want to be treated in that way. And to be able to take it when someone confronts you about your behaviour, because that can suck. But you gotta be able to take what you dish out, right?

I also feel like being petty makes me more stressed, stiff and hunched over. There are people I know that are so kind and friendly all the time, and they're just more poised and elegant and I can't help thinking that there is some kind of correlation. I don't know though - like I said, it's human to feel these things, we can't be perfect 24/7. It's important to listen to your emotions too. 

Lastly, growth. I want to grow and blossom and fill my life with sweetness, and too much bitterness stunts that. So here's to less bitterness and more growth. May 2017 the year we become, like Princess Nokia says, 'excellent bitches', not 'petty bitches'. Lol. The video she says this in is called 'How to be a Bitch 101' and it's bomb. And I'm so about reclaiming the word 'bitch' and using it as a form of empowerment, so give it a watch!

*    *    *

I'm thinking of maybe taking a couple of things from my vision board and dedicating posts to them to explain my ideas in more depth! Hope y'all enjoyed this, 
~peace out~, stay bitchin' (respectfully) and continue growing!  Zoe xo


  1. Love this. Need to show this to my sister ha! In a way listening to your emotions kind of aids moving on from that feeling, if you get what I mean? It's like cancelling it out when you like try to understand why you feel a certain way and what it means you need to do or stop doing. I love your monthly musing for January too. Happy New Year! xx


    1. Hahaha. Yeah I completely agree. Trying to understand is so important for moving on! Thanks Aida! ❤✨

  2. hi!
    I loeved to read you post, and I will print and keep visible the list of emotions because sometimes I forgot what they mean, mostly when I have an anxiety attack, so will be good to battle them changing my mind, thank you! <3

    1. Heya, and that's such a great idea, i think it would definitely help to try and understand because will it re-stabilize the calm within yourself. Thank you + happy new year!! Xoxox

  3. ahh love this a lot, i feel like its one of those things i need to remind myself of too! and yas defo do more explaining of the little bits from your previous moodboard, i love that idea! xox

  4. duuuude, i completely get this!!!! this is definitely and exactly what i have been working on these past couple of months and are being transferred as a new years resolution. i've become more aware of my behavior and how i react to things/treat others. it's been so hard because i have always been known as cynical and sarcastic and stubborn and just kind of mean, so changing something that has been a part of me for so long has been sooooo tough!!! i think i've done a lot better though because i realize "oh that was kind of rude" so i apologize. i think it's helpful to notice what you did and own up to it, even though it's hard (LIKE, REALLY HARD, I'M SO STUBBORN LOL). let's hope for better attitudes and, of course, LESS BITTERNESS!!!

    1. omg yesss. That's exactly me too, even if it is hard to admit sometimes!! i've literally been like this since i was like 8 lmao. It's been a lowkey life-resolution since then and lord knows I've trieeeed, but like you said it is tough and therefore a long ass process. Yeah, as you get older it is easier to recognise your behaviour and have more control putting a stop to it. 2017 will finally be that year tho!!!! here's to being better people so that our lives will become better too! it's important not only for our relationships with others but also ourselves. <3


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