Saturday, 28 January 2017

eternal dénouement

I wrote a poem yesterday evening called 'the eternal dénouement'. I was inspired after reading Particulars by Rita Dove. It's such a beautiful poem! And it's part of a collection of poems I have called "Bittersweet, contemporary black women's poetry" by Karen McCarthy, and it's one of the favourite books I own. The pictures underneath the poem are photos I think portrayed the atmosphere and feelings quite well. (All found on Tumblr - if you know the artists, please say!) The pictures at the bottom are the original scanned pages of my journal. Sorry in advance for the shitty quality lol. 

the eternal dénouement (written by me)

sitting here with
mash and beans
is my aesthetic of
brown girl blues.
           Re-watching that old 
       cartoon in that same
      front room,
         as if to meld the past 
with the fluctuating present.

         old hues, post-past blues,
         I miss you, pretty baby;

existing in the midst of the timeless tick-tock,
your particles stuck to my brain,
and my soul
      reflecting your face in light of
      present-time fumes.
I have a sore throat, 
just like the others from
clouded over, this time frame is 
an image that updates old images of the 'before time.'

        old hues, post-past blues,
        I miss you, pretty baby;

transcending boundaries 
we can no longer
but touch with the organs deep inside
our medial temporal lobe,
reminding us of how changes in our world occur,
     haunting us 
     highlighting this eternal 

hope you liked this, and hope you're doing swell! happy saturday, 
~peace out~ and c u in the next post, Zoe xo

(omg omg omg, this is totally inaccurate because I've deleted loads of old posts, but this is, according to blogger, my 100th post. :'''''''''''''''''''') a moment!)


  1. this line:
    existing in the midst of the timeless tick-tock
    old hues, post-past blues

    i had to keep rereading, so pretty, and i love the way you set your poem out. the layout can help convey a message so much and you were very creative with it :) i'm going to have to read that poem hehe x

    1. ahh thank you so much melody!! xoxoxox

  2. Love this soo much, I wish I could write poetry lol. gorg images too, I am obsessed with that last one! The leaves remind me a bit of Frida Kahlo's style? x

    1. Ahh thank u so much!! Write poetry!!!, even if you think you can't - I literally can only write if I'm heavily influenced and inspired. It's rare that I can actually write something I'm proud of tbh. But it's a process! Ooh yeah I see the Kahlo in that. Thanks!! ✨ xo

  3. You're insane!!! I could honestly never write like that - i love the realism of it in the opening and then the imagery that carries it along, seriously woah! So pretty and clever, and the layout is so intriguing too!


    1. wow thank you so much you're too kind!!! THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

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  5. Such pretty artwork, really creative

  6. Amazing art work.Where can I buy this?x


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