Saturday, 29 April 2017

crushin' on u, (a playlist) (a feeling)

beats for the heart. Listen on my 8tracks here! I'm not crushing on anyone at the moment, (or am i??) but I have this crushing feeling and it's not going away. It's like I'm crushing on air. On life. On life's potential. Maybe summer? I'm crushing on all of the things I'm going to do, the people I'm going to meet, "what is to come." Maybe I'm in love with the feeling I know I'll get when I finish my last exam. That's actually such a turn on. I'm a stressed mess and I would never recommend A-levels to anyone btw!!! 

One of the artists you'll see on this playlist is Biig Piig. She's an upcoming, quite underground artist that I saw through people on Instagram, and I really like her sound. So soothing, jive-y and mellow. I really like her aesthetic as well. Here's a couple of screenshots from her video "crush'n" - which basically inspired this feeling and playlist. 

(all creds to her, find video here

I'm going to a really cool event tomorrow so there'll be a blog post coming soon, and I definitely want to get into doing random photography projects as the weather gets more beautiful! In the midst of all of the horrible and uncertain stuff going on in the world, I feel like I'm still sticking to things on my '2017 vision board' - like:

I have stepped out of my comfort zone a lot this year, all as a result of me saying 'yes' I suppose. I guess in a way it has made me a more confident, easily adaptable person. I would call myself an extrovert, but it takes a lot of self-motivation to get to that stage. I'm actually pretty shy. My lack of confidence in certain situations is one of my insecurities - but it always vanishes once I've given something a go and realised that it wasn't half as bad as I expected. It feels good to over come something like that, and I think everyone should aspire to come out of themselves sometimes! Try new things. It helps you to breathe more easily once it's over. Because when the next thing is thrown at you, you walk in there thinking you've done it before and can therefore do it again. 

hope you like the playlist!! Let me know which one you like best! (kali uchis is always a classic. I think she's been on every playlist i've ever made on this blog lmao) 
~peace out~ and c u next time lovelies! Zoe xo 


  1. gorgeous post zoe!!! i can't wait to finish my exams this year and move into a different stage in my life (uni hopefully!!) i'm glad that you've been stepping out of your comfort zone too! for me it's more of saying "no" haha and being more comfortable with what i want and don't want. i'll have to check out this new artist and good luck with all of your exams xoxo

    1. thanks b!!! M8 me too omg :( where you thinking of going for uni? Hmm that's interesting! Saying no is also really good for self discovery and improvement. Yesss pls do! Good luck too lovely xoxox

  2. This blog is too cool, the images are amazing and retro

  3. Love the neon lights, looks like its from terminator!


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