Tuesday, 30 May 2017

starting your own shit (and taking no shit)

*wipes dust off this blog*

Hell000 w0rlddd, I feel like I haven't been here in a while even though it's only been a month? Been so lazy and tired and stressed (as a 21st century adolescent that's nothing new) and blogger has been haunting me. What to post! I don't know! I hope everyone has been good, enjoying the weather and not dying over the monstrous stress that the months of April, May, June and July often bring. 

2017 is going pretty fast isn't it? I wouldn't know tbh. All the good stuff this year has brought has been disguised by school work and uni anticipation/fear. But good stuff nonetheless are happening and I can't wait to be able to enjoy them properly!!!

sO, my arts and literary zine - called sweet-thang - that celebrates work by black women/femmes will be available to buy on the 1ST OF JUNE! It's been stressful but incredibly exciting. Creating your own publication at a time where there seems to be a creative/diy/internet revival upsurge kinda thing is quite amazing, and platforms like Instagram have really helped to kick start things and discover both new people and new places. It's a brilliant time to be 'making things' despite the havoc going on in the world. If you're a person who wants to create something - now is the time to do it. One of my favourite mantras are "show more, create more and care less" because I think it's advice that not just young creatives, but just young people in general should aim to live by. We are the future, and what will the future be if we ain't creatin' shit??? 

With regards to this topic, I have to talk about STRIKE! - I mentioned this independent publication a few posts ago, but not in detail. STRIKE! is print magazine dedicated to themes of resistance, politics, creative expression, subversion and solidarity. I can hand-on-heart say that it has been the ultimate highlight of 2017 to have discovered this platform. It features many articles by writers talking about sexism, intersectionality, religion, gender theory, racism, anarchism, cultural/social theory and so much more that I can't even explain because I've got so much more to learn. It's been an amazing learning experience reading STRIKE! - it has taught me so much about myself and the type of politics I agree/disagree with etc. I've scanned a couple of pages from some of the 2016 issues I've purchased - issues13/15/17 (recommend that you buy and support because regrets will be non-existent)

This article was so interesting. Thinking about the traumas and experiences that are passed through and exist within generations, and the bodies that we connect with throughout our lifetime. I particularly liked these sentences: 

"As a child of the diaspora, born into colonial lands, taught in imperialist knowledge and tongue and fed by patriarchal, capitalist ideology, I grew up malnourished and sickly." 


"Was I born feeling the past traumas of my kin, not only the burns I feel in the present pervasive racist imperialist societies of the 21st century, but history's echoes within my own body? In this moment of reflection I consider that the most fundamental process of decolonisation must come from the reclamation and rewriting of my DNA."

(article written by Ria Hartely)

This article lowkey gave me life, and really challenged the way I viewed religion itself, because while it can be a form of perpetuating prejudice and oppression, is still an integrative force that accounts for the identity of many people, especially minority ethnic groups. This article talked about the atmosphere of exclusion in both right and left wing mainstream institutions that alienate Muslim identities. 

"Often Lefty circles are dominated by Manarchists and Dawkins-bros in a way that is toxic; people who do not respect your faith or autonomy and will definitively declare what The Left's opinions should be on Muslim people (especially women) without actually asking a single one. Yes, we get it, you've read The God Delusion and you're wearing a 'No Gods No Masters' t-shirt, but sit the fuck down mate. These ideas are alienating people of colour and people of faith at a time when it's more important than ever to create spaces and discourse within our politics and circles that are inclusive and supportive of those very groups." (written by Soofiya Andry)


That's STRIKE! for ya. (all credits go to them and their writers) - It's such an important time to be learning about these sort of things, reading intersectionally and away from the bias of mainstream media. What a time to be alive. 

ANYWAYS, here's a classic mood-board since pics r worth 1000 words + plus some old/new tunes that I've been banging out. (SPOILER ALERT KALI UCHIS'S NEW SONG)  

(all pics found on Tumblr)

(don't wanna brag but I'm going to see her perform next month lol yayaya :''0) 

I'd love to hear your opinions on the themes raised in STRIKE! I hope that wherever you are in life things are progressing, growing and blossoming. sending luv across the globe. 
Hope you enjoyed this post, ~peace out~ and see you in the next one! Zoe xo 


  1. you are so amazing and inspiring!!! i love how you're just being fearless and creating what you want to create and doing what you want to do!!! and thanks for sharing STRIKE! too, it looks so good, i love discovering new stuff, and that's so cool that you're going to see kali!!!! honestly congratulations!!!! it's so amazing that you're doing this and i totally agree that the time is now to be young and creative etc. hopefully i'll get some of your confidence and do my own thing too!! xoxo

    1. Ahhhhh thank you so much melody!!!!!!!!! You are honestly too kind :") - yess, I would fully recommend that you buy (they're really cheap as well so that's a bonu!) nah yeah about Kali it all happened so fast I already missed out on seeing the Internet perform in London and that was depressing as fuck so when I saw Kali announce that'd she'd be in London i was not wasting any time lol. When you decide to create something, just know that I will be here to support ya if it's needed! Sending you love and vibes! Thanks again lovely xxxxxxxx

  2. such nice scans of STRIKE! and moodboard!

  3. So glad your zine is going well, I've been so out of the loop bc of exams but the launch looked amazing! Ty for introducing STRIKE!, it looks amaze. I find it soo hard to know who/ what to believe and trust media-wise x x

    1. Thank you lovely! Ahh, hope they went well!! So true, especially in this day and age. STRIKE really helps to organise my thinking and tbh I actually kinda like how radical it is!

  4. Great subject matter, very interesting!


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