Friday, 28 July 2017

read with the soul

I wrote this short poem the other day, heavily inspired by Virginia Woolf's The Waves. I am currently in the middle of it, and it is gorgeous. Almost too gorgeous. It's extremely poetic. I actually have to read it out loud to myself sometimes because it's kind of intense reading prose like it in your head. I would recommend it though - the imagery she creates and the observations and thoughts of all of the characters are so beautiful. The first sentence of the poem is taken from the book! (i wish i had written it myself tbh)

untitled (written by me)

I saw a star riding through the clouds one night, and I said to the star, 'Consume me.'
Fold me over your tongue
as if I am sugary, evanescent, and smooth as honey.
Enclose me in your mouth as I dream,
waiting for the first bird to break open day
with their song and their beak-shaped laughter.
But wait, what is this?
No birds surround the frame of my being.
I hear a chirp in my left ear, and nothing in my right.
This distorts my perception.
They should be alighting, evenly elevating,
yet I am unsure if I should wake now,
without a bird to pierce open day.

* * *

I feel like I almost wrote some of this in my sleep - well sort of the limbo stage between being asleep and awake. It came to mind because the last couple of mornings I had been woken up immediately by the sounds of bird's singing, quite early. But this time I couldn't hear a thing when I woke up, and it almost felt wrong - I wanted to sleep until I was prompted by the familiar sound of a bird's song. It was uncomfortable, but I also felt like I was floating. It was a strange feeling. I feel like this poem can also be read aloud like spoken word? The pictures underneath are ones I felt went with the aura of the poem.

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  1. I love this so much!!! especially "sugary, evanescent and smooth as honey"
    It kinda reminds me a bit of John Keats' Ode to Nightingale/some romantic poetry with a modern twist-i lav it!
    Also, The Waves sounds beautiful, going to have to add it onto my summer reading list X

    1. Thank you so much lovely!!! Ooo I'll definitely check that out. Hope you enjoy it if you get round to it!! Thanks again Xxxxx

  2. Beautiful! I'll have to pick up that virginia woolf book!
    Aleeha xXX

  3. Why haven't i came across this poetic excerpt of yours sooner!?! I love it! It honestly sounded like music to my ears.

    Hmmm, definitely excited to see more when your creative juices spew some out!

    1. Ahh wow thank you so much!!! :') I'm excited to share more of my stuff too!!! Xxxxxxxxxx

  4. this is beautiful Zoe, I lovee. Will have to have a read of The Waves, sounds amazee xxx

    1. Ahh thank you sm!!! It's such a great book, like nothing I've ever read before, literally. I feel like it's made me more patient and appreciative-of-words! Just finished it today lol, it's taken me so long because of the way it's written tbh. Yesss defo get onto it when you have the chance!!! ❤


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