Wednesday, 28 October 2020

disposables from underwater

In February, when I was still living in sunny/rainy Bordeaux, I asked my friend to buy me a cheap disposable before we went on our trip to Belgium. (I can't remember why I couldn't go out and get it myself lol). Anyways, she bought me one that is technically only meant for underwater/outdoor images. I found it quite funny, and I think I made the most of it. The photos start in Belgium at the end of February, just a mere 2 and a half weeks before life was literally, and as dramatically as I can muster, never the same again. Then the rest are from the International Womxn's day march and just moments during lockdown, and finally three last snapshots from my current reality, here in Brighton. What an 



full life.

it is sometime in sunny august (2020) and i am back in bordeaux, 
it is hot (i am sweating)
walking down cours victor hugo
and Rye Lane Shuffle is playing so loudly i am at once here and not here
it gets to 3:24 and until 3:58 i feel like i am floating
oh how great it is to breathe the great outdoors


I was stalking myself on Tumblr (deep in the 2015 archives) and LOOK at this photo I posted of myself for #blackout (also known as the time my feed went from the typical teen hipster white girl aesthetic to black and brown beauty and has never changed since) - bless myself, what a complete and utter cutie. weird how images of me are just floating around on the algorithm. how strange. that is all. 

we love a spontaneous and impromptu blog post. ~peace out~ and c ya soon. Zoe xo