Saturday, 11 April 2020

everything inbetween

hello my friends. how are we doing today?

image from @theancientgemstone (instagram)

I think we're all feeling it right now. Whatever it is. Endless daying of days. A lot of introspection, of "coming to terms", periods of clarity and periods of distress. I ask this all the time but seriously what is life ???

writing essays and presentations
procrastinating from doing said assessments
being a moody lil bitch
working out a lot
having to coming to terms with the fact that my relationship with food and exercise and my body both sits within the arms of embrace and teeters on the edge of toxicity.

It sounds bleak, but at the moment I don't feel like I can figure out what I'm doing with my life until I no longer have deadlines. I have 7 days left, so hey, maybe another Zoe will be posting some time around then. Stay tuned I guess.

I'm sure a lot of us have been spending a lot more time on our phones and on social-media - definitely not necessarily a good thing but right now I guess it really is all that we have in terms of staying connected during this "social distancing" time. 

I have been aggressively (my new fave hyperbole) following more interior design/apartment-therapy/location aesthetic/fashion inspo Instagrams and I'm loving it! They provide me with the perfect kind of escape from reality, and also inspire me to envision what the fuck I want to do, the places I want to go, and the energies I want to surround myself with once this whole thing is over. And I'm going to dump some of my recent saves on this blog post. I hope you enjoy. Stick around, make some tea, indulge, imagine yourself sleeping in these perfectly made beds (not creepy at all), fantasise about going to these places, how it will feel.

All of these just happen to pop up on my explore feed and there are quite a few so it's quite hard to keep track of the profiles these come from, as most of them are re-posts too! But I will share some new pages I like! In my other post where I shared some interior design pics, I linked some of the profiles where most of these pics come from, click here! <3 

And done! Hehe, hope you enjoy looking at these extremely aesthetically-pleasing photos as much as I do. Some of the Instagrams these come from are: @_______cv_______ , @maison_de_sable , @worldarchitecturedesign , @zoras_daughter , @maison_flaneur , @elegantheater , @flwhrs , @cosiesthome , @dream_casa , @piga_haus <3

Today I've given myself a break from working. For the past 2 weeks straight all I've done is wake up, have breakfast and then just spend hours on and off sitting at the table trying to complete assessments. Yesterday after periods of sitting at the table for less than 10 minutes and retreating back to the sofa because of stress and distraction - I realised I needed a break. So that's what this Saturday has been. I haven't read any essays, opened Word, checked my uni email. Nope. Just chilled and watched Youtube videos. I'm going to paint my nails and watch a movie too.

Speaking of Youtube videos, I've just started following the very popular Youtuber "bestdressed" - and I'm obsessed. Ashley, the face behind it all, is so funny and insightful and I just love her fashion tip videos and her personality in general! Her instagram (linked) is also very beautiful! Here are two videos I've recently watched of hers that I really like! Check her out <3

The other day I started writing some poetry after scrolling through Tumblr for inspiration. (I've now come to realise that Tumblr is one of the most amazing resources for finding new books, poems, artists. I've been loving going back to it!) I'm going to try and formulate/create proper poems, but here are fragments of things I've written, followed by quotes from books and poems I found moving. 

A lingering fingers its way
through a hole in my reality.
And I am yearning.

Dense are the woods and dark
Rooted are my desires yet turbulent
Dense is my chest and deep

i burrowed into the embrace of 3pm

"hello, late evening sun"

*     *     * 

"I wavered but only in secret" - Hélène Cixous, Hyperdream

"Your presence is translucent, crystalline, I see gardens beyond it and am swept away to high wildernesses, inaccessible even to an imagination that is delighted by the range of metaphor and hindered by the poverty of everyday language." - Mahmoud Darwish, Most and Least

"our thoughts disintergrate on the wind" - Alice Walker, A Poem Travelled Down My Arm

"The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet, the only sweet thing that is also fleet. I'm bound away for ever, Always somewhere, away forever." - Edward Thomas, Early One Morning 

I can't wait to be able to write properly, with more time again. Nevertheless, here's to the present, to health, to human connection. Hope you enjoyed this post, I'm excited for more to come!!

(found on Tumblr)

~peace out~ and see you soon! Zoe xo